Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Planned Onslaught Against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Exposed





Having failed in the plan to bomb residence of Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky at Gyallesu Zaria and carry out mass massacre on his followers, the Nigerian security operatives came out with yet another plan to actualize their insidious intent.

It would be recalled that sometime in October, a leaked security report revealed high security consultation which came out with a blueprint on how to phase out the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by taking advantage of the annual Quds Day being conducted by the Movement in support of the Palestinian cause for the past thirty years.

The recent plan like the past has the full backing and sponsorship of the illegal state of Israel. The intelligence report at our disposal revealed that participants at the top security meeting took stock of reasons for the failure of the last botched plan, and how to actualize the present one to its logical conclusion. The meeting identified unprofessionalism in execution by the security agents and the leakage of the secret intelligence report to the public by the Movement, whom the report describes as “Islamic Militants”, as the great obstacles to the actualization of the last planned onslaught against Sheikh Zakzaky and his group.

The report however cautioned against direct attack against the Movement in and outside the country, a move it described as herculean task and highly dangerous. The meeting however demanded the re-training of Nigerian security operatives both from within and outside the country. It emphasized as equally important, the provision of working tools to complement the training to be received by the security personnel. For regular update and consistency towards actualization of the plan, plain clothes security personnel will be screened to be part of regular meetings and consultations for high decision making.

The report itemized means by which the planned operation can be successful. Part of it is the use of all possible means to tarnish the good image of members of the Islamic Movement in the eyes of the society. Islamic scholars will be forced through unspecified means not to associate themselves with the Movement.

Accordingly, intensive propaganda will be mounted to communicate among the Muslims that members of the Movement disrespect and use abuse words on the personality of the Prophet’s disciples. Failure of this propaganda to achieve the desired impact, suppressive means will be used to instill fear in the people from identifying or associating with the Movement.

It was also agreed that special preaching sessions will be organized at which members of the Movement will be challenged to appear and defend the accusations leveled against them. If they honored the invitation, the session will be made rowdy and chaotic, and they will be blamed for whatever that happened as a result. If they did not honor the invitation, that will be used to justify the accusations against them.

As a further attempt to victimize members of the Movement, it was resolved that at least in every northern state, known scholars who preach disharmony against Shi’a will be earmarked for assassination; evidence will be planted that will suggest the Shi’ites carried out the already planned assassinations, and they will then be charged with murder.

A new plot was introduced at the security meeting that will imprint in the set minds of the people that the Movement has foreign network connection. Regular shipments will be arranged to be delivered to selected prominent businessmen from the southern part of the country; they will then be subjected to bogey interrogation by the Nigerian security. They will be made to confess posing as front for the Islamic Movement by doing business on its behalf. That will allow for justification that the Movement receives funding from outside the country.

Equally new is the grand ploy to bury variety of arms in bushes and graveyards. A prominent member in the Movement will then be arrested and taken to those places where the arms are buried and be forced to show where the arms are buried while being video taped live for public view. That will be used against the Movement to justify members are stockpiling arms for uprising.

The meeting acknowledged that Muslims from the south are embracing the call of Sheikh Zakzaky at a very alarming rate, as attested by an attendant of the secret security meeting from the region. To this end, it was agreed that under no circumstance should the Da’awah of Zakzaky be allowed to gain ground in the southern part of Nigeria.

The meeting took several other decisions to subvert and suppress the voice Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Sheikh Zakzaky, which will be made public in the appropriate time.

This press release is taken from the Official Website of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria

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