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Sheikh Alhaji Zurkanine - Titular Ruler of Tijjaniya in Ghana

Sheikh Alhaji Zurkanine is the Multi-gifted International Motivational Spiritual leader, Islamic educator ,addressing critical issues affecting every aspect of Human, social and Khoc cho nho thuong voi trong long, khoc cho noi sau nhe nhu khong. Bao nhieu yeu thuong nhung ngay qua da tan theo khoi may bay that xa... spiritual development with the central them of discovery of your destiny, purpose and the Maximization of your individual Spiritual potential (why you were born).

The Prince of Tijjaniya the spiritual leader of Ghanaian's Muslims.The Sheikh Alhaji Zurkanine is the titular ruler of Tijjaniya in northern / Southern Ghana. He is the leader of approximately 20 million Ghanaians and West African Muslims and is the son of the late Yussif Mohammed II (1924 – 1984) The Zurkanine is also the head of the Ghana National Tijjaniya Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.

Sheikh Alhaji Zurkanine was born in an area known as Ghanadu a suburb of Tamale on 7th July 1960. He was born into a family of six, Malam Yussif and Hajia Adisah who hail from Savulugu in the Northern region. His birth was a mystery to many in the area, he was born local gatehouse on the way to the hospital. Father was a trader in Akwartia who traded in Diamonds at the same time a Spirituals Leader who could support and heal any form of sickness or fortification of any form fortune you can think of or ask for or imagine. This man –Malam Yussif as he was affectively called was teaching Arabic at the Local Arabic School known as ‘Madarasa’. He was so powerful that the name spread like wild fire in the harmatan in the West Africa region. People from all walks of life could visit him for these purposes, you could see people like Abarcher’s the former president from Nigeria could pay homage to him for his spiritual bondages.

Sheikh Alhaji Zurlkanine, had both his Arabic and spiritual miraculous educations from four famous leaders in West Africa thus: from hos father's Arabic school known as Adabiya Islamic School. He later proceeded to Senegal for further education under the care of Alhaji Hassein Din popularly known in Senegal at the age of thirteen. At the age nine to ten he committed the whole Qur’an into memory. However, he later proceeded to further education from Sheikh Alhaji Ibrahim Islam Anyaas Alkawulakyi in the same country, who blessed Sheikh Zurkanine by spread the anointed spirit on him through his head there that people started taking blessings from Sheikh Zurkanine at the very eyes of the Spiritual leader Sheikh Alhaji Ibrahim Islam Anyaas Akawulakyi (BM).

He incompleticitly had his final education in spiritual purpose from his late father Sheikh Yussif who quarantine him in room for three good years without seeing outside through the final fortification. He successfully completed this course, and in fourteen days times, the father passed way. And from there, he was the first Sheikh to have preached Mawulidi publicly and openly in Tamale. He controls so many Muslims groups in Ghana. He has also being performing Mawulidi for Sheikh Abubakari Sa’ad’s fathers who also control over seventy million people in Nigeria. AlQardafi in Libya and Apreku a former Minister in Ghana can attest some facts about Sheikh Zurknine during the visit of the Libya Leader in Ghana, however, the former and the late president of Nigeria Arbarcher and his aid Almustafa are not left out in this biography of this outstanding Sheikh, Sheikh Zurkanine Yussif.

If one side of the equation in your life is clueless, then the only option is to turn to and uplift the spiritual rhythm of the soul, body and the spiritual aspect of you, since human being embodies three parts (the body, the soul and the spirit. And the absence of any one of these ravaging in life). All we need as a functional human beings are in God’s presence. We cannot continue to remain weak and poor as a human, kill ourselves over nothing, and mismanage our human resources without making effort to know the exact cause that definitely is a spiritual problem and only spiritual healing is the solution.
This biography is taken from the Ghana Muslims website.

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